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Our reliable EPoS software has over 40,000 installations in the U.K alone and also extends though Europe! The software is written by our team and with over 40years+ POS experience we quickly respond to requests to include extra features or alter existing ones to your requirements.


We at NTS are happy to boast about our software features & benefits aswell as Flexibility & Ease of use.


We provide EPoS Solutions including;


Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Shops, Beauty, HairSalons, Warehousing, Take Aways & Fast Food, Pizza, Fruit & Veg, Retail Solutions & Education Sectors and much more!

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Restaurant Features


Graphical Table Plan

A 3D graphical display of your restaurant can be displayed. This shows at a glance what tables are open, and who are about to leave. Tables can be opened and sale items added to them easily from here, by pressing the table that you require.


Split Table Facility

‘Can we pay separately please?’ No longer do you have to run separate bills, tables can be easily split into individual sales when the customer wants to pay.


Attractive Bill Printing

Bills can be printed out on high speed thermal printers, with a graphical logo of your establishment at the top of the bill.


Handheld Waiter Pad

We supply wireless handheld terminals that can be used for taking orders directly at the table.

Clerk Security


Various secure options for clerk signing on are available; Secret number logon, means that clerks can logon onto the till using up to a 4 digit pin number


Magnetic swipe card, clerks logon the system by swiping their magnetic card through a card reader.


NTS can also provide you the logo of 'your' choice along with a name, on all swipe cards i.e. Clerk Cards/Customer Cards/Tab Cards

iButtons/Dallas Keys, clerks logon the system by pressing their iButton against the receiver on the terminal

The electronic journal can be printed out for individual clerks, this means that you can see all sales/transactions that particular clerk has made on the till, and discuss with them any queries.

The clerk detail tracking report can be used to give information about how many times the No Sale button has been used, or how many corrections have been done etc. This facility can also be used to track how many of a particular item has been sold. This useful facility can be used to encourage clerks to actively sell products.


Other Security Features

Other security features include compulsory closed drawer, the till will not function if the drawer is open. And drawer open alarm, if the drawer is left open for a period of time, and alarm will sound to alert other members of staff or management.

The electronic journal of any till can be viewed remotely from any other till, hand held waiter terminal or back office PC whilst it is being created.  This allows you to view what is being rung into the till, against what is actually being given out by the staff.


Printing Options

Wide Choice of Printers

A large choice of printers is available, ranging from 2 colour dot matrix printers to high speed thermal printers.

Printers can be shared throughout the network, meaning many terminals can use 1 receipt printer, thus cutting down on overall cost and space.

No more taking orders into the kitchen!

Networking Floating Clerks

Clerks can ‘float’ across the networking, meaning sales can be started on one terminal, and then if required carried across to any other terminal in the network.

Centralised Checks/Tables

A central database is used for Checks, Tables and Tabs, ie one terminal contains all information about open tables, checks and tabs. Any transactions done to the check tracking file are fetched from the ‘check tracking master’ and then sent back again when the sale is finished.

Remote Printer Sharing

Remote printers are easily shared across the network, meaning many terminals can share one receipt printer, for issuing receipts and printing reports. The same principle is used for sharing kitchen printers, for printing orders to the kitchen from any terminal.

Automatic Program Change Broadcast

Any product file changes done on any terminal in the network is automatically broadcast down to all other terminals in the network.

Inline Collection of Reports

All reports can be collected and printed out from one terminal, showing the figures for all terminals added together in one easy to read report.

Remote Journal View

The journal roll of any till can be viewed remotely from any other till, hand held waiter terminal or back office PC whilst it is being created.  This allows you to view what is being rung into the till, against what is actually being given out by the staff.


File Maintenance

Easy Programming

Our Software is very simple to program. It comes with an easy to use ECR type programming interface with on screen QWERTY keyboard.

No More Handwritten Keyboards

Keyboard text is automatically updated, when products are changed. This means no longer to keyboards have to be printed out every time product changes are made. No longer are items crossed out on keyboards, and overwritten by hand.

Automatic Program Change Broadcast

Terminals do not have to be programmed individually, any program changes done on one terminal are automatically sent down the network to all other terminals.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm


Out of hours service available upon request

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